A backpack can say a lot about a person as their style can range from being a modern and on-trend fashion accessory, through to a functional and trustworthy companion… but what about a digitalized backpack?

Pix is aimed at the individuals who wish to stand out and dare to be different! Packed into the front of the rucksack is a screen that is capable of creating up to 16.5 million color combinations… so you are only limited by your imagination! What’s displayed is controlled from the user’s phone, where they have the option of selecting images, animations of games directly from the library, or express their creativity by creating their own!

Not only is it a fun and unique feature, but it can also be extremely useful; with widgets the backpack can become indicators for cycling at night, and it automatically detects when the rider is slowing down and displays a stop signal.

Designer: Margaret Rimek

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