In a building of 1920 of the IX arrondissement of Paris, a couple commissioned the architects Margaux Meza and Carla Lopez the reform of their small apartment, a capsule with industrial and Scandinavian style.

Margaux Meza and Carla Lopez are the two architects and decorators who form the celebrated French studio Transition ID, specialists in fun spaces, with style and full of life. When a couple of 20-year-olds got their little love nest, let’s say it was not the most beautiful apartment in Paris (in this link are the images of the previous aspect of this small apartment, just 36 meters). They contacted Transition ID, before making the purchase because only if their project excited them would they decide to acquire it.

“We broke everything, from plumbing to electricity, through the floor and ceiling,” the interior designers explain, and the main change is the design of a kitchen open to the living room. that the great handicap of the apartment was light, being surrounded by taller buildings, “Open the kitchen in the living room seemed the most relevant solution to spread the light emanating from the windows of space,” continue Meza and Lopez.

The intervention had to adjust the moderate budget of the couple. Therefore, the architects proposed advice and solutions of low cost. “For example, for the kitchen furniture we opted for Ikea, but covered with oak doors made to measure by a cabinetmaker, only the whiteness of the walls, the quartz countertop and the graphic audacity contrast with this deliberately minimal universe. atmosphere is maintained by eliminating unnecessary detail, such as shooters

“We have tried to combine several styles (retro, contemporary and industrial) to create a sophisticated and charming atmosphere, soft and warm in a functional environment, and by juggling natural material and noble material, we create a warm and warm space” , those responsible for Transition ID continue. The greatest success? The glass wall that separates the bedroom and allows light to reach previously dark corners.

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