Banana Republic heralds the dog days in their Summer ’18 campaign. Shot at Hotel Aire de Bardenas in Navarra, Spain, the ad follows a group of travelers on an idyllic sojourn through a stunning desert landscape.

The series of action shots showcases the Summer ’18 collection in motion, achieving a feeling of summer adventure and celebration.

The campaign touches on a narrative quality that Banana Republic achieved in past campaigns. One in which this journey represents a move in the right direction. However, we still long for a Banana Republic campaign that emotionally connects and stands out like the campaigns it did a decade ago. Theses campaigns were created with more in mind that simply filling the windows with graphics and a few out-of-home billboards. They had a distinctive air that held its own as an ad; emoting, luxurious, warm, and captivating. We root for the day when the house realizes that the journey and destination are not the same and to this we hope Banana Republic ‘takes us there.’

Photographer | Daniel Riera
Models | Mitchell Slaggert, Tandi Dahl, Madi Fogg
Location | Hotel Aire de Bardenas, Navarra, Spain

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