A surprising location. An unusual experience. Campari proposed Unexpected Red Social Club, an experience in which to unite the best of music, gastronomy and cocktails.

The interior of an old church in the Salamanca district of Madrid does not seem the most common place to live an innovative and unexpected experience. Or maybe it’s just the perfect place … Lovers of amazing experiences (and enriching) these days have a date in Campari Unexpected Social Network Club, the new space with clan club soul that Campari has installed in the Church of San Andrés de los Flamencos. Inside, a 19th century building in one of the most stately neighborhoods of the capital, you can enjoy a trip through the best of music, design, gastronomy and mixology.

In this surprising space, which opens its doors from 20:00 to 00:00 hours until next June 2, highlights the Platinum experience, a journey to stimulate the senses by a three-way pairing. In this VIP plan, the Red Hand of Campari, Borja Goikoetxea, has proposed a menu of innovative and unexpected cocktails created with Campari for the occasion that harmonize with a menu exclusively prepared by the Amazonian restaurant. Everything becomes an unrepeatable experience, accompanied by the best live music. How to go? You can reserve one of the latest places available through its website.

The proposals in mixology will be one of the main attractions of the club and attendees can enjoy essential classics such as the Negroni, the American or the Boulevardier. The menu is completed with refreshing drinks such as Campari Tonic or Orange and with reinterpretations of classics with the Unexpected Red Campari touch. The sensation of surprise will be constant until tasting a cocktail.

The atmosphere of the place, the work of the interior designer Amelia Arán, has a marked retro character and details such as a billiard table, a piano, or neon lights on the walls, will make us feel like in a speakeasy, those clandestine clubs in the United States. they develop so many movies. The space is divided into two floors with a social lounge at the top, where you can enjoy the offer of cocktails to the rhythm of the pianobar. On the lower floor, under a subtle red light and accompanied by a jazz band, is where the most fortunate can enjoy the pairing.

Campari Unexpected Red Social Club will remain open until Saturday 2 at Calle Claudio Coello 99 and one place can still be reserved for the Platinum experience. An essential place, surprising, for those who enjoy not knowing what will happen in each moment.

Action subject to over 18 years.

Enjoy a responsible consumption 25º.

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