This Barcelona apartment overlooking “La Sagarada Familia” was thought as a temple to everyday life, the designers of Egue and Seta combined two aesthetics that are perfectly balanced.

When a team of designers works for the first time with a new client, they have to set aside time to understand their personality, needs and style. “We really like the initial stage of the projects,” confess the members of the Egue and Seta study. Before starting the design phase, they tried to know as best as possible the owners of this 86 square meter apartment located on Gaudí Avenue. She is from Barcelona and he is French. Today they live here with their son who was born before the renovation was over.

Overlooking the Sagrada Familia, this home is “a temple to daily life dedicated to an earthly family”, according to the words of Egue and Seta. The owners participated a lot in the process, particularly in the choice of materials. Wood was used to provide warmth to the spaces and neutral and clear colors were privileged. The couple also wanted to add a wall of exposed brick that was placed between the kitchen and the dining room, in the part of the living room.

In the main living area, several pieces of furniture are from Maison du Monde, such as the dining room chairs, the coffee table and the pouf. The lamp in the dining room and the sconces are by Lucide, the carpet is by Benuta and the accessories are by Zara Home and Habitat. The aesthetic that combines Nordic and Mediterranean influences contributes to create an atmosphere that is both cozy, refined and modern. The colorful touches come from the most ephemeral elements such as textiles and decorative accessories, which allows them to be easily changed.

“The owners wanted to open the space, so it became the living room, dining room and kitchen, a single large common space, more public and visually connected to the terrace,” say the designers of Egue and Seta. The dining room overlooks a beautiful terrace with urban views and towards the Sagrada Familia. Zara Home coffee tables and Habitat accessories adorn this charming outdoor space.

In the framework of the renovation of this floor, another request was to design two bathrooms, one for her and one for him, as well as two closet areas because the couple has different schedules. Both in the main room and in the child’s room, the main colors are soft with colorful details that give joy to adapt to a modern and urban family life.



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