After working for three decades as a banker and lawyer, the German Lothar Wackerbeck left everything to open ‘Decorum’, an exquisite brocante that blends East and West in Palma de Mallorca.

Cutting the root with all the above is what Lothar Wackerbeck did, a German seduced by Palma and his folklore. After three decades working as a banker and lawyer, he took advantage of the arrival of the XXI to give a 360º turn to his life and dedicate himself to interior design. In love with Spain, he bought this house from the XX in the Port D’Andratx, to the west of the island, distributed on two floors of 90 square meters each and a spectacular terrace overlooking the pier. And, in 2006, together with his partner Werner Linke he created Decorum: a brocante and showroom that mixes Oriente and Occiedente, in which to live located on the first floor (although the rest of the heights are accessible to his most intimate clients).

To this end, he pulled partitions, turning the small rooms into a clean and clear space and replaced the small windows with large windows: “I grew up in a family where design, art and culture were very important values,” explains Wackerbeck. The first years I rented it as a house and the reaction of the tenants was incredible. They always asked me who the artificer was. ” It is difficult to distinguish here between the private and the public but everything is homogenized by the same concept of harmony. “It’s a cross-border mix of cultures, times and expressions. Here we show a selection of antiques, modernist pieces, vintage furniture, own abstract art and emerging authors and even our designs created by local artisans “, concludes.

His eclectic style, inspired by the talent of decorators he admires like the Cubans Vicente Wolf or Orlando Díaz-Azcuy, includes a large number of African and Asian objects based on simplicity and elegance. A place to be in every rule that adds to the Mallorcan tradition.

* Decorum Port Andratx: Calle Alejandro Cardunets 4. Tel .: 971 23 86 39. **

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