The house of Gordon Ramsay can become your refuge this holiday. And the British chef rents his house in the English town of Fowey to enjoy your last days of summer.

The television chef Gordon Ramsay has decided to share his house in the English town of Fowey, in the county of Cornwall, with anyone who wants to spend a few days on vacation. The chef has named it Trevail House and rents it for 3,000 euros a week.

In the heart of the city and in a coastal area with great variety of cuisine you can find tea rooms, cafes, places to taste seafood or a good British style menu, water sports or watch life go on the desirable terrace of Ramsay , with views that would please anyone.

What used to be a branch of the Lloyds bank, is now Trevail House and has 4 bedrooms with capacity for 8 people, two living rooms and a kitchen with access to the outside. What are you waiting for? Book your holiday here on the English coast and live for a week just like a first-class chef. If you have mascostas, they are also welcome. Pack your bags

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