There is life beyond the slides and swings to use in playgrounds. This is commissioned by the Danish study Monstrum, which recreates the magic of stories with the most inspiring design.

To explain the philosophy of Monstrum you must dive in the careers of its founders Ole Barslund Nielsen and Christian Jensen. Their paths were crossed in the design of theater sets. In 2003, they took a step in their path and founded Monstrum. Today, a team of 31 architects, builders and designers are the creators of these unique playgrounds, located in Denmark, Sweden or Korea or Dubai, among others.

“The main objective of a playground is to challenge the child’s motor skills,” the company said on its website. Climbing a rocket, climbing a 21-meter-long whale, echoing Moby Dick, or touring an enchanted house attracts both children and adults. Because the parks of Monstrum inspire the imagination and activate the senses.

For their design, the architects take into account both the function of the park and the ages of the little ones. The park ‘Kloden’ (balloon in Spanish) in Arhus (Denmark) was designed next to the new library of the city. In it live animal figures, landscapes, cultural objects and lots of nature with the background literature.

In addition, the team creates spaces differentiated by age. The design fits the needs of the smallest, requiring comfortable areas with adult presence. Instead, children need attractions that stimulate their senses and give them an extra dose of emotion. ‘The Haunted Houses’ of Copenhagen is an example of them. Here everything is allowed and you can run in and out of each of the houses, enter through the windows and test the balance.

Wood is the main building material and promotes sustainable silviculture in Europe. Robinia wood (also known as fake acacia) is used for pieces in contact with the floor can last between 25 and 40 years without the effects of impregnation.

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