Guy Ritchie’s upcoming King Arthur movie has film fans excited for many reasons, but let’s be honest, for a lot of us it’s mostly to see David Beckham in his first big screen outing.

Now, Warner Bros have gifted Becks’ fans with this first proper look at the star in action sporting a full suit of armour and sword, like any good knight should.
Becks’ role in the film is reportedly a small guest role, as he features as a disgruntled knight called Trigger who is unable to pull the sword from the stone – as the Arthurian legend goes, only the rightful King of Britain can pull the weapon from the stone.

Still, us Beckham fans shouldn’t go expecting too much from the former footballer, as he previously revealed a picture of him on set looking rather worse for wear, with a deep, red gnarly scar running down his forehead and into his hairline, and a nasty set of gnashers that look like they haven’t seen a toothbrush in a few years.

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