The restaurant Romola, designed by the architect Andrés Jaque, has just received the prestigious Restaurant & Bar Design Award, which recognizes the most beautiful place in Europe, despite having been closed for months.

“All the pleasure, no guilt,” read the motto of Romola, the newly declared most beautiful restaurant in Europe, a place that at the end of 2017 became the fashionable dining room of Madrid. The concept revolved around contrasts … but this time taken to the extreme and better interpreted than ever by the architect Andrés Jaque. Something that the jury of the prestigious Restaurant & Bar Design Awards has recognized even though it has been closed for months.

In its opening, Romola promised to enjoy without skipping the limits, a place where the rich was also healthy, and in which your visit became an experience full of nuances. They did it with an offer of healthy haute cuisine, with a menu based on hypocaloric recipes without sugar, trans fats or refined flours. A 100% pleasure that was not at odds with 100% health.

And how could it be otherwise, the entire space reflected the message to be conveyed: inspired by Renaissance beauty, the architect Andrés Jaque signed a decoration dedicated to art and beauty. A beauty that, far from what it may seem, made the artifice something soft, light and as appetizing as his letter.

The place, now closed to the street, was divided into two spaces, a first informal area to snack between hours and a main area as a temple, which perfectly reflected the contrast that Romola emanated from its four sides. Oak, velvet, marble, mirrors and dichroic finishes reign in the room … but they do not saturate, but close the circle with the elegance and freshness worthy of classic beauty.

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