British interior design company Timothy Oulton has signed its first restaurant in central Hong Kong. A place to be carried in the same way by sight as by stomach.

Hospitality. That ethos of the Timothy Oulton brand that has been caring for each of its pieces for more than 40 years and receiving a glass of champagne to anyone who enters one of its many stores, distributed across five continents. With Gough’s in Gough, he has met a new challenge: completely decorating a restaurant.

Gough’s at Gough is an English restaurant located next to Timothy Oulton’s furniture gallery in the Central District of Hong Kong, where the East and West converge daily. The strong British character of the furniture of the brand imbuye the whole space. From the black-and-white marble floor to the padded leather benches or the glamourous illuminated lunar stone bar. A sophisticated and welcoming atmosphere.

But feeding sight is not enough. You also need a good menu that accompanies the evening. Chef Arron Rhodes is an internationally experienced British chef who has worked in restaurants with Michelin stars from Europe to Latin America and Asia. Arron has developed a menu of classic English dishes with a modern twist and global influences. Nor should you leave without trying one of the homemade cocktails that you prepare with mime.

“It’s the atmosphere, the atmosphere, the people … all these things make it memorable and that’s what we wanted to achieve. It’s like a romance, like preparing to receive a invited, anticipation to their needs … is the only way to design a space and an occasion, “says Tim Oulton.

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