Close to the beach of Biarritz, but surrounded by a lush nature of rich pine forests, this house in the southwest of France is a peaceful refuge whose architecture blends in with the surroundings.

Just four kilometers from Biarritz and the beach, the city of Anglet is ideal for holidays. It allows you to enjoy the Atlantic Ocean in a region that attracts the best surfers in the world. The owners of this refuge organized in three heights and spread over an area of ​​350 square meters fell in love with the place, particularly because it has abundant pine forests -the typical vegetation of the area- that provide shade and privacy.

The team of Atelier Delphine Carrère -based in Biarritz- conceived the architecture and interior design of this project that, in addition to the family area, has a garage, a pool and a pool house. After six months of studies and a year of construction the house came alive.

The vertical cladding of red cedar evokes the shape of the trees that surround the house, creating an immediate synergy between the building and the surrounding landscape. The house was built on sloping ground so the facade on the entrance side is lower than the part that faces the garden. On the front, the house is not very open to provide privacy to the inhabitants. In the back, on the contrary, the living spaces open freely towards the exterior areas.

The walkway of the entrance reminds of the paths that are on the beaches of the region to cross the small dunes. In the main living area, there is a lot of transparency and natural light thanks to the windows that frame the landscape. All the furniture -even the library- and the kitchen were designed by Atelier Delphine Carrère.

In total, the house has four bedrooms. The main room occupies the highest point of the building, offering a 360 degree view. Since the project is located in an area where nature is the protagonist, the architecture was designed to be inserted into the landscape and create a subtle visual harmony. Pure delight for the senses.

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