Dominos may have its 30 minutes or less challenge, but imagine getting the perfect pizza pie, fresh out of the oven, in 2 minutes…

That’s the Breville Smart Oven Pizzaiolo’s promise. Designed to perfectly mimic the heating conditions required for a brick oven, Breville’s Pizzaiolo does all that in a tenth of the space, and right on your kitchen countertop. the Pizzaiolo is a one-of-a-kind device that, in its small frame, can reach temperatures of 750°F and cook perfect wood-fired-style pizzas in just about 2 minutes. Made with brushed stainless steel, this oven is able to replicate the conductive, radiant, and convective heat generated by a brick oven. It features an ‘Element IQ System’ that can replicate the ideal baking environment for different pizza styles (practically everything from New York to frozen pizzas). The natural cordierite stone base provides the perfect heated surface for those crispy, yet melt-in-mouth crusts, and the advanced heating system can cook an entire pizza from scratch in just two minutes. Even instant ramen takes more time!

Designer: Breville

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