It has just been born in Madrid ‘NiM Salón’, a beauty center that leaves no one indifferent. Its owners were not afraid to bet on the rose in an innovative, striking and tremendously instagrameable design.

Betting everything on a single color has never been easy, especially when this is pink and when it comes to decoration. The magnitude of the spaces and their timeless nature make it difficult. It is an act of revolution, a war cry and a blow of style that has conquered us. He did at the time with the Sketch restaurant in London the great India Mahdavi. And if it was recorded in the collective imagination of the whole world, it was because of that I do not know how special it was that inspired Natalia Infantes and Manu Guillen. They are proprietors and co-founders of NiM Salon. Without the slightest doubt, they are passionate about pink, but also about the world of fashion and their work: beauty.

They say they were also inspired by the Pietro Nolita restaurant in New York or La Muralla Roja in Calpe. And it shows: “our idea was to create a clean space, as clear as possible, without leaving aside the privacy of our customers … A relaxed space where rose predominates”. And he does it so much that he is even in the café: a detail that has won over all his clients and will do the same with those who are already on the waiting list.

They are the only ones responsible for its decoration and a selection of pieces as special as the concept they have created in the center of Madrid. A must-see for all lovers of beauty, decoration … and the millennial pink that is flooding everything 💕

NiM Salón
Calle de San Vicente Ferrer, 63
Tel.: 912 21 53 50

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