Thom Browne has teed up a limited edition golf collection that looks like the making of a Grand Slam just in time for all those holiday golf outings.

The capsule collection, a follow up to the designers first tennis themed series, will exclusively be played on the fairways of Thom Browne’s stores/website, and

Browne teamed up with photographer Micaiah Carter to hot the greens at the New Canaan, Connecticut iconic mid-century modern Philip Johnson Glass House. The setting is as unpredictable as the collection and comes with its own wink and cast of characters. Models Adesuwa, Sang Woo Kim, Walker Bunting were joined by artist Faye Wei Wei, photographer David McCabe, dancer James Whiteside, singer Ravyn, drag performer Dan Donigan, and skateboarder Beatrice Domond.

Browne has typically shied away from formally produced campaigns letting his dramatic shows do most of the talking for the house. Of late he has taken to testing the waters through a touch of campaign narrative shooting way under par with this a hole-in-one.

Thom Browne Creative Director | Thom Browne
Photographer | Micaiah Carter
Models | Adesuwa, Sang Woo Kim, & Walker Bunting
Talents | Faye Wei Wei, David McCabe, James Whiteside, Ravyn, Dan Donigan, & Beatrice Domond
Location | Philip Johnson Glass House, New Canaan CT

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