In the heart of London, the Yen restaurant combines traditional Japanese craftsmanship with contemporary design inspired by bamboo forests.

In a privileged environment, on the banks of the River Thames, this Japanese restaurant has everything to offer its guests a complete dining experience. His cover letter includes a good location, authentic traditional Japanese cuisine and an attractive design by the London studio Sybarite, which was commissioned by the Japanese fashion company Onward Holdings.

The aim was to bring to London the model of the successful restaurant that the chain has in Paris and make Yen a benchmark of Japanese haute cuisine in the British capital. For this it was necessary to offer more than quality food, hence the 109 guests for whom it has capacity can not only taste authentic noodles of soba and wheat, but also enjoy their preparation live, as specialists Maruno Hidenori and Katsuki Sakurai offer twice a day a culinary show that can be seen from anywhere in the premises.

But the differential value of Yen is its design. The restaurant is distributed over two floors, with a sushi counter built with yellow cedar wood and also has a private dining room for 18 people accessed through a floating wooden staircase made with black bamboo poles. Although the most characteristic is the structure of natural wood trees that surrounds the restaurant and that quickly transports you to the bamboo forests so characteristic of the Japanese country.
Lighting is another of its attractions. The high ceilings emphasize verticality and light, while the contrast with the thicknesses and tones of the wood creates a play of light and shadows that gives the place depth and intimacy. In addition, perforated screens have been installed in the windows to provide a greater level of privacy to customers.

In short, a careful design that makes Yen an obligatory stop for lovers of Japanese haute cuisine in London.

Source: revistaad.es

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