Gucci and Spanish artist Ignasi Monreal create a surreal Utopian fantasy to support the Spring 2018 collection.

Utopia, the imaginary land where all is perfect and ideal, is considered to be an attainable fantasy depending on whom you speak to. For instance, a pessimist probably envisions dystopian future that is built on top of a failed utopia, or utopian land where inhabitants’ freedoms are traded for a false sense of security and happiness.

Gucci has a fantasy of a utopia, and it’s includes the evolution of human abilities and appearance, the marriage of past and present architecture, design, and fashion, and of course, Gucci handbags and ready-to-wear. The Italian fashion house for Spring 2018 tapped Spanish artist and illustrator Ignasi Monreal to create a surreal world to showcase the new collection.

Ignasi, who partnered with Gucci for many projects including the recent 2017 Gift Giving campaign, created a fantastical sci-fi world, where men in golden medieval armor ride horseback while carrying a Gucci tote and reading from their smartphones, men rest at their laptops as angels deliver messages on Post-It notes and mermaids rest ashore on their cell phones in decadent jewelry and fine dresses.

This world focuses on the earth, sea and sky, with the earth represented by a woman lying in fresh swamp water and resting a handbag on a chair in a garden, the sea represented by a candle floating in water on a fishing line and mermaids visiting a napping sailor, and the sky represented by women sitting on Earth and hovering above the clouds and fishing with airplanes.

The campaign also references the story of Snow White, featuring a young man approaching a young woman in a Snow White sweater sleeping next to a bitten apple.

Much of the campaign appears attainable, but so much is unfathomable, at least for 2017. Surely, if a world where mermaids, two-headed giraffes and elephants painted with red and green stripes is to exist, Gucci will be there.



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