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Exciting news, congratulations to John Galliano, it’s been a while and fashion needs him in the road.  We are anxious to see his designs and creative sense again.

After weeks of speculation, it’s official: John Galliano is returning to fashion to assume the creative direction of Maison Martin Margiela. “I couldn’t be happier,” Renzo Rosso, president of Margiela’s parent company, OTB, said in an e-mail sent to editors this morning. “For the Maison Margiela, which deserves a new visionary leader; and for John Galliano, who is a talent beyond definition and time.” Given the controversy surrounding Galliano as well as his undeniable design skills, the appointment will no doubt cause a range of reactions, both for and against. Kanye West has already tweeted his approval: “It is very exciting to see what powerful creatives do at different houses… Hedi at Saint Laurent, Nicolas at Vuitton, and now John at Margiela.”

On the surface, Galliano is a very different designer from the Maison’s original and long-departed founder, Martin Margiela, so it will be fascinating to see what direction he now sets for the house. Continued Rosso: “I always believed in brave, unpredictable choices, and this one is no exception.”  Source:

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