Designed with a truly extravagant personality, the Diva (aptly named, no?) looks like it has a chest filled with light/energy just ready to explode.

The Diva, available in both floor-lamp and pendant-lamp variants, comes made from bent plywood in Walnut and Oak options, and is designed with an aesthetic that takes the center stage, even if kept in the corner. The light on the inside gets contained at places within the Diva, and shines out of the crevasses/slots, creating an alluring pattern on the ceiling or floor. The designers experimented with different curving patterns to create the softly strong, somewhat feminine character that emerged after rounds of iterations. Made from 32 individual strips of wood, the lamp is completely handmade using the tools and techniques of traditional Norwegian laminated wood craftsmanship. Whether illuminated at night or seen in the daylight, The Diva isn’t the kind of lamp to be overlooked!

Designers: Peter Natedal & Thomas Kalvatn Egset for Northern

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