This is the new COMMERCIAL COFFEE of Madrid after its opening
Meeting place of novelists, the Café Comercial reopens its doors with a new image. The Madrid in Love study explains the details of this recovery project of the emblematic coffee.

The closure of the Commercial Café almost two years ago grabbed the headlines. However, in recent years this historic cafe in Madrid was already a shadow of what it once was. “I remember people saying that the Commercial Cafe was very nice, but lately it was not, it was in decline,” warns the creative director of the Madrid in Love studio, Juan Luis Medina. The study had a hard task ahead: to recover a symbol of Madrid and adapt it to the new times. The challenge was not easy, but forgetting it was not an option.

Four months of work through, the oldest of Madrid’s cafes offers a new image. In its two floors – three if we have the basement that houses a new kitchen, storage area and area for the staff – spaces are created with different uses. The main floor is now composed of a cocktail area, a waiting area and a “rogue” tavern. A way to regain the glamorous look.



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