LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM – It was snowing men at Moschino. Beefcakes served on a silver platter against a backdrop of snow-dusted pines and generous live precipitation. Jeremy Scott isn’t turning down the quantity this season. High-octane lumberjack checks and bare-chested models with sculpted 6-8 packs paraded down the runway to abundant excitement. One of them, armed with his glorious surfer hair, assured the audience with a message that read: “100% natural”, simply enclose you were inquisitive. it absolutely was a class in high camp and a healthy serving of full-fat unadulterated joie de vivre.

As Scott justly noticed, what higher thanks to explore this enjoyment of life, the sheer exultation of spirit, than to subvert a typical bourgeois ski vacation somewhere within the poplar alps. Also worth pointing out, Jeremy Scott has systematically peppered his collections with an important dose of Americanisms. The McDonaldization of fashion, the Barbie takeover in Spring and this point the alpine lodge ski getaway that dreams are made from.

It would be a futile conquest to select any deeper intending to a Moschino show — Scott has kindly absolved any of his shows from imperceptible grand narratives through the pretext of camp. However what’s attention-grabbing is that the uncanny parallels to club culture that Scott’s aesthetic is synonymous with; an inner clique that you’ve got to dress the half to be part of. The must-have items were easy to single out: the oversized glove sling bags, the jewel-encrusted backpacks, fur on fur, checks on checks, and gold, lots of gold. These are all entry points Scott has created to allow access into his personal club. And boy, doesn’t he throw a decent party.

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