Working in such a cheerful and full of details office is anyone’s dream. If, in addition, she is a feminist and has been created with you in mind … day to day becomes a real pleasure.

The whole world is revealing itself in favor of feminism (finally) and, as it could not be otherwise, design and decoration are reinventing themselves to position themselves on the winning side. That is why finding projects like this makes us so happy: The Hive -La Colmena, in Spanish- is the home of Bumble, a dating application in which it is women who take the first step. Yes, it’s like Tinder, but feminist and empowering for its users. So your offices are your way of physically manifesting and showing that design can also have gender.

Its founder is Whitney Wolfe, a 29-year-old woman who follows a maxim to make all her business decisions -as when she asked her mostly female team how she imagined her work space before proceeding to design it-: “Women first”.

It’s no wonder, then, that Bumble’s offices are so appealing, colorful and practical. They are in Austin (Texas), far from Sillicon Valley (where their technology partners are), and have been designed by a team of creative women: their own founder and the team of Julie Evans. “We wanted to adopt a feminine design that many technological spaces avoid … it’s a cozy place where our workers feel at home,” says Whitney.

In La Colmena, 85% of the employees are women, so the offices are completely adapted to their needs but, in addition, they have several spaces that favor the work environment and the productivity of all of them: there is a special room for those who are mothers can spend time with their children, a space to relax and meditate and a beauty salon where everyone enjoys a manicure and a haircut per month.

In addition to being feminine, Bumble’s headquarters is what you see in these photographs: a real dream for Pinterest and Instagram lovers. Its bright colors, its computers with exquisite wallpapers, its neons on the walls and its home details create the perfect atmosphere to make the work much better.

And, if you were thinking about it, we confirm it: this translates irremediably into a positive work culture and 100% feminist.

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