The best terrace for the summer of San Miguel is in SANCTI PETRI. The Royal Hideaway Sancti Petri hotel has been awarded for the second year as Spain’s best spa in the World Travel Awards. A break before winter comes? This can be your place.

When arriving at the beach of the Barrosa of Cadiz, it is easy to locate the complex of the hotel Royal Hideaway Sancti Petri. The orange color of its original and modern design is accompanied by more than 35.000m2 of authentic tropical gardens and natural lakes. Inevitable to attract attention. It’s like being in an exotic destination thousands of miles away.

What really makes this hotel distinctive is its spa. With its 3,650 m2, it is the largest of all Andalusia. It has a hydrotherapy circuit divided into two floors and overlooking the hotel gardens. Depending on the needs of the client, three customized circuits with toning, relaxation or anti-stress tours are proposed. If still – despite the vegetation – there was no feeling of being far away, with one of these treatments there will be no turning back. The holidays will have really started.

The best part of the spa is on the terrace on the top floor of the hotel. Sky Wellness Terrace is a center for massage and outdoor treatments overlooking the Atlantic, where relaxation is ensured with a wide variety of Tui Na rituals, combining ancient techniques of oriental origin.

Thanks to its five private treatment cabins with sea view, Sky Wellness Terrace has been included among the ten best rooftop spa in the world according to the British web portal AOL. In addition, the relaxing treatments are completed with the tea ritual, creating an integrated proposal between wellness inside and out. There will also be time for pescadito but every moment at this resort will be unique.

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