The numerous arches that connect the spaces of the restaurant ‘L.A. Poke ‘of Berlin create an optical illusion that is reinforced with abundant blues and earth colors that recreate a coastal environment.

Inspired by the relaxed atmosphere and color of the Californian coast, the design of the new restaurant L.A. Poké Berlin recreates a refreshing landscape through the tonal contrasts and forms like the sea of ​​arches that communicate the rooms and generates an optical illusion, framing points of view and provoking the sensation of the reflection of the mirrors. Some of them already existed before the reform carried out by Ester Bruzkus Arquitekten, although most of them have been added later.

In general, the use of symmetry is what makes this cozy space especially attractive. Not only the arches contribute to this, but also the use of color on the walls that creates a horizon line at eye level dividing all the front rooms. Beneath the gray line outremer Le Corbusier, with its light bluish tone, generates a feeling of softness, combining with bright colors and reflective surfaces on the furniture. Above the horizon, on the walls and ceilings, a ground color is used on a rough surface. And to this environment, so beach, also contributes the lighting of the round lamps located as if they were suns that heat.

In the 140 square meters of L.A. Poké, Ester Bruzkus has introduced customized furniture, especially lightweight. The stainless steel counter at the entrance and the benches fit perfectly with the Yves-Klein blue upholstery. The chairs, with rounded edges, are combined with a large table with a red structure and black and white terrazzo surface that dominates the central room with a colorful contrast.

And, well, everything is emotion and surprise. That is one of the characteristics of the designs of Ester Bruzkus: the ability to create sensations and, above all, to thrill from the game and from the playful. The glow of bright colors, the neon sign and terracotta potted plants contribute to this game of curved and straight lines, thick and thin, subtle and exuberant. A real treat for the senses, even before sitting down for lunch or dinner in this new Hawaiian-inspired restaurant.

L.A. Poké
Berlin: Alte Schönhauser Str. 44.

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