From the minds that brought you the Nutella Spatula, the Levoons, and the Levoop (which is a part of our Black Friday Gift List) comes the new innovative way to crush your pepper! The Ortwo models itself on the hand-grippers that we use to increase our gripping strength, giving you a new, single-handed way to crush pepper, salt, or other spices. It can be literally worked with one hand, if your other hand is occupied or messy (all pepper mills require two hands), and if you’re looking for speed and quantity, the Ortwo can be run with two hands too, giving you more crushed pepper in less time!

Its unusual build makes it easier to use (not to mention it works your hand muscles too!), and a spring within the Ortwo returns it to its opened position after you press down on it. It comes with a redesigned 95% Alumina ceramic grinder that finely grinds your salt, pepper, and even herbs to a nice, coarse, flavorful dust that gets evenly sprinkled across your food, and has six levels of adjustable coarseness that you can choose based on your preference. Like everything from Dreamfarm, the product is designed to be a beautiful, no-hassle solution. It comes with an easy-fill borosilicate container, and even includes a crumb-collecting lip so that spare particles of pepper or salt don’t fall on your kitchen counter or tabletop when you keep the Ortwo down to rest.

Designer: Dreamfarm

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