Custom furniture and a careful selection of natural colors have completely transformed this apartment in the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona, ​​turning it into an open, light and modern space.

As a brand new apartment without touching a partition, this is the reform of this apartment of 82 square meters in the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona, ​​a facelift to dress the house with furniture designed to measure, complements chosen so that there is no lack a detail and a palette of natural colors very balanced that enhances the large amount of natural light that rooms receive.

The owner wanted a holiday home in the city, and that is what the interior designers of the Coblonal Interiorismo studio have achieved, contributing all kinds of elements to this floor, from furniture, lighting, appliances, bedding, tableware and even the fridge full. “Although this time we did not have much to say in the distribution, we tried to organize the space through the furniture, even with the custom design of some pieces, getting to optimize the zoning in an open space, light and modern.”

And is that furniture, textiles, decorative objects can also help us create and divide spaces, generating greater sense of spaciousness and coherence. That was the goal when decorating this apartment that has two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a large living room with integrated kitchen that has four large windows and access to a balcony.

The chosen colors range from black to coral, passing through gray, oil blue and brown clay. In the living room highlights the sofa that has a low furniture custom designed in dyed oak. This piece of furniture serves as storage and, at the same time, distributes the entrance to the living room and communicates the kitchen and dining area with the main room.

The table in the kitchen of the dining room and the furniture for television, the latter of its own design and made of black iron and oak, are responsible for giving a retro look that gives a lot of personality to the room. Vases, plants, art and objects of design complete the decoration of these common areas without recharging, rather betting on simplicity.

In the main room, the custom-designed headboard is also a cupboard element. The bar illuminated with LEDs that works with remote control, offers ambient lighting, and is an element that has also been introduced in the guest room. In both bedrooms the beds have also been custom designed with black iron structure and wooden frame.

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