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Three bars and three proposals mark the character of the Happy River restaurant, in Bilbao la Vieja. Its terrace, overlooking the estuary, and its hundreds of plants make it a relaxing space.

The Happy River restaurant opened just two months ago. Located in the old flour factory La Ceres – the first building of reinforced concrete of Spain -, the project of reform required to respect the space and to adapt it to the new functionalities of the place. “We entered this work with great respect because the building was unique,” says the director of the study of interior design Rosita, Juan Marchante, in charge of the project.

Between a tropical and cosmopolitan air, the restaurant surprises with details that combine wood, marble, colors and natural plants. In total, more than 250 varieties of plants coexist in the restaurant, which helps to create a relaxed atmosphere. This is also responsible for the heated terrace, 100 square meters of surface. The terrace, elevated through some steps, allows to contemplate the estuary lying on some of the hammocks of the firm Flamant.

Color plays a prominent role both inside and outside the restaurant. If the white predominates in the interior, Marchante has opted for the blue tones for the outside. “The white color is very difficult when there is not much light, the terrace instead painted it in dark grayish blue to allow a transition from the outside to the interior,” he says. On the terrace there are tables of colors of Moroso, metallic chairs in white Emu color and the hammocks with Belgian seal.

For the furniture, the studio has relied on the firm Emeco for the main stools and Magis for the Japanese bar. The tables are of Flamant and combine the steel of its legs with the tropical touch of the chairs and the raw fabrics of Gastón and Daniela of the banks. The funny touch of lighting is made by the famous light monkeys of Seletti. Welcome to the most tropical Bilbao!

Source: revistaad.es