New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is featured on the cover of GQ’s Men of the Year 20th anniversary issue, in which he addresses a few topics but puts off any talk about Deflategate.

Brady explains, “I’m not talking about that, because there’s still ongoing litigation. It has nothing to do with the personal question that you’re trying to ask, or the answer you’re trying to get.”


Chuck Klosterman wrote the story that calls Brady “the greatest quarterback in NFL history.” Brady dismisses any chance of him running for political office, and in a video featured on the magazine’s website he explains how he keeps his body in prime condition week to week.

The Super Bowl champion continues, “I’m not talking about anything as it relates to what’s happened over the last eight months. I’ve dealt with those questions for eight months. It’s something that—obviously I wish that we were talking about something different. But like I said, it’s still going on right now. And there’s nothing more that I really want to add to the subject. It’s been debated and talked about, especially in Boston, for a long time.”

After Klosterman continues to press about deflategate, Brady responds,

“Right now, in my current state in mid-October, dealing with the 2015 football season—I don’t have any interest in talking about those events as they relate to any type of distraction that they may bring to my team in 2015. I do not want to be a distraction to my football team. We’re in the middle of our season. I’m trying to do this as an interview that was asked of me, so.”

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The 38 year-old quarterback says, “If you want to revisit everything and be another big distraction for our team, that’s not what I’m intending to do. I’ve already answered all those questions. I don’t want to keep revisiting what’s happened over the last eight months. Whether it’s you, whether it’s my parents, whether it’s anybody else. If that’s what you want to talk about, then it’s going to be a very short interview.”



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