Agency R+ and Art Director Jim Kaemmerling give roots to Vince’s Spring 2018 ad campaign which features one of the best campaigns of copy for Spring 2018.

Touching on a spiritual journey that is quite aligned with the puritan DNA of the contemporary label, the campaign features images lensed by Julia Noni laird with copy such as “I Am Rooted” and “I Dream In The Present.”

Models Lucian Clifforth and Marte Mei van Haaster draw out that dream in set designer Gille Mills minimalistic set that is part architectural marvel, part futuristic temple. The campaign could use more muscle in terms of media, but what campaign doesn’t these days. Hopefully the foundation that that R+ has poured over the last few seasons for the house are like the concrete structures within the campaign; stable, elegant and ready to be shown off.

Agency | R+
Art Director | Jim Kaemmerling
Photographer | Julia Noni
Models | Lucian Clifforth & Marte Mei van Haaster
Stylist | Vittoria Cerciello
Hair | Marki Shkreli
Makeup | Emi Kaneko
Set Designer | Gille Mills

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