Its minimalist garden, the stone cladding, the gray colors and the connection with the landscape make this house in Singapore an authentic paradise of calm.

The infinity pool of this house located on the hill Astrid Hill, in the city of Singapore, reflects the valley on which the house seems to be suspended, as if it were the perfect viewpoint to observe the spectacular environment that extends to your feet . Nature thus becomes a more architectural resource within this K2LD Architects project, in which the sense of calm is present in the entire design concept.

The house, built in an area of ​​1500 m2, is located on a high ground and the architects have been able to play with the unevenness of 8 meters of the floor so that, from the main façade, a house of only two floors can be perceived when In fact, the project has four floors, as can be seen from the rear facade.

The composition of the building, designed by the architects Ko Shiou Hee, KJ Phua and Vanessa Ong, presents a set of interconnected cubic volumes that, inside, allow light to filter in all rooms and stairs, generating a contrast of lights and shadows. In addition, the floor to ceiling windows of PanoramAH, without perimeter elements, give priority to the presence of the landscape in the rooms.

Inside, the walls are covered with stone panels in gray tones and dark gray tinted oak, creating spaces of great visual cleanliness. This Zen environment also contributes to the minimalist landscape design of the garden, in which some bonsais take center stage next to basalt rocks of different sizes.

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