Adidas Originals by Alexander Wang take to the outdoors in season 4 of their sports apparel and footwear collaboration.

To commensurate the occasion, the collaborators have once again brought in creative champion Ferdinando Verderi to concept a campaign around the line which drops on November 14th. Verderi, and his team at Johannes Leonardo, took a look at the ‘recontectualized’ collection and decided it was time for the line to take a hike, so they teamed with set designer Mary Howard to create a mock camping themed story.  Photographer  Brianna Capozzi captured model Anna Ewers lounging in oversized adidas Originals by Alexander Wang sleeping bags, tents, and coolers all produced from scraps of vintage previous adidas Originals by Alexander Wang collections.

Ewers even does her best ‘Scouts Honor’ poses complete with a neckerchief courtesy of stylist Haley Wollens and the showcases the collection with a bit of a wink.

Verderi and agency Johannes Leonardo have always had a bit of disruption to their work for the house. Especially when it comes to the releases which have included guerrilla events on sidewalks of NYC selling the wears as if they were stollen goods or delivering them from bike messengers as if one was getting a special delivery from a dealer. The Impression will stay tune to see that arises over the course of the week and keep you informed. Scouts Honor.


Agency | Johannes Leonardo
Creative Director | Ferdinando Verderi
Photographer | Brianna Capozzi
Model | Anna Ewers
Stylist | Haley Wollens
Set Designer | Mary Howard

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