Even with the original doors and windows, the face of this Barcelona apartment appears totally washed after a luminous reform with a homogeneous combination of furniture in black and white tones.

Preserving and rescuing original elements, such as doors and windows, was one of the objectives of the Conti Cert study in the remodeling of this apartment in the Sant Gervasi neighborhood, in Barcelona. In this way, the essence is preserved while giving a totally renewed air to the interiors. “It is a pity to destroy and not preserve the origins of the beautiful apartments that have a history and a special and characteristic air,” they explain from the study.

The other objective when transforming this modernist apartment was to gain light, eliminating dark corridors and opening the rooms to create a large central space in which the kitchen and dining room communicate through two elegant arches with a stately and elegant living room .

“The kitchen is semi-open to the dining room to gain amplitude and natural light and thus flee the corridors and closed spaces”, count from Conti Cert. In it, all the furniture was made to measure in lacquered wood in a dark color that contrasts with the light colored microcement of the walls and the white marble Macaél of the countertop, with pica recovered from an antiquarian. Next to it, the dining room shares the open space and communicates through the arches with the living room.

With plenty of natural light, complemented by a concise ambient light design, the room exhibits a great sense of spaciousness thanks to the high ceilings, in which the Catalan volta was recovered and painted white to gain height. The sofa, like other furniture such as tables and shelves, have been designed in a personalized way by the studio itself, so that each element is perfectly integrated into the spaces.

The coexistence between the different rooms is also manifested in some homogeneous elements, such as the solid oak floor and Scandinavian look combined with mechanisms, handles and accessories of black color that manage to give a sober and elegant contrast to the house.

This use of black accessories also occurs in the bathroom of the children of the couple who owns it. In this room, all in microcemento, black fittings and accessories have been added that, together with the free-standing bathtub, create an elegant and fun atmosphere. In the bathroom of marriage, also in microcemento, including the furniture of the washbasin, the Marquina black color has been used to give it a more sophisticated touch.

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