The apparent simplicity of the colors and materials chosen for Brasserie Camille, in southern France, are what make this restaurant so special. As taken from a painting by Paul Cézanne.

At the beginning of the 20th century, Paul Cézanne painted the mountain Sainte-Victoire at different times of the day and from different angles, the same mountain of Meyreuil, just over 10 kilometers from his hometown, Aix-en-Provence, in whose skirts you can find Brasserie Camille, a restaurant that also looks like something out of a post-impressionist painting. The designer Margaux Keller wanted to capture the spirit of Provence in the environment and achieved it from a range of colors and materials that combines modernity and tradition.

What most attracts the attention of this restaurant is its range of tonalities. “All the colors have been chosen in homage to the territory: a dark blue-green like the pine forest, the olive trees or the oak leaf, a red like the terracotta tile, a tone of eggplant revive the whole …”, Margaux Keller details. She herself has been responsible for designing most furniture and architectural elements of space. Also noteworthy are the LANA armchairs designed by Yonoh Estudio for Ondarreta. Some with high back and others with bass, are made of natural wood and are upholstered in a Spradling leatherette, from the Valencia collection.

The materials used also take into account the essence of the area. From the cane to the use of natural wood, through the obvious presence of Provencal pine. “The placement of plants in the region in terracotta pots tell the story of this unique place right next to the mountain Sainte Victoire,” says the designer.

The designs of Marion François trees that cover some walls break with that visual identity of pastel colors and wood. One more nod to Cézanne who, surely, would feel at home in this brasserie.

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