LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM [JANUARY 12, 2015] – Burberry Prorsum unveils its latest Menswear Fall/Winter 2015 collection with the title ‘Classically Bohemian’ the . As expected they delivered

Very British garments from Christopher Bailey for Burberry Prorsum. Luxury and stylish, with alittle of rock and ethno vibe that we love, however all place with a chic note.

Very huge green knit scarf over gray suit opened the show. Stylish green fur jacket, camel pants and very big bags, a day dream story for all of us. Western style, but refined and classy. The trench coats were simple and purple printed shirts, on the show. A lot of long scarfs, tie in `casual` way and a lot of classy pants, coats in earthy colors. The floral prints on the shirts, give such a romantic winter touch to the whole collection. Then animal prints-leopard fur coats, scarfs, bags and a lot of purple pants. Aviator style was seen in the leather jackets and coat.Luxury fur, shine-glitter coats,shirts and pants,with great tailoring were seen till the end of the show

CLASSICALLY BOHEMIAN: Bohemian layering and classic shapes. Worn, authentic materials. Floral prints, tailoring and fringe details. Corduroy, linen, quilted cotton and shearling.

TEXTURES & COLOURS: Felted wool cashmere, bonded shearling and corduroy. Mirror embellishments and quilted cotton. Camouflage and animal prints. Ink, green, camel, purple, charcoal, fuchsia and turquoise.

THE CARRYALL BAG: An unstructured tote in grainy leather, suede fringing and shearling. Rolled leather handles and an internal zipped pouch pocket. Polished metal base studs.

MARC0013 MARC0027 MARC0041 MARC0057 MARC0071 MARC0083 MARC0095 MARC0111 MARC0129 MARC0147 MARC0159 MARC0177 MARC0187 MARC0205 MARC0221 MARC0237 MARC0259 MARC0283 MARC0307 MARC0325 MARC0347 MARC0367 MARC0383 MARC0401 MARC0429 MARC0453 MARC0467 MARC0485 MARC0507 MARC0525 MARC0539 MARC0557 MARC0577 MARC0597 MARC0623 MARC0637 MARC0661 MARC0687 (1) MARC0703 MARC0721 MARC0741 MARC0765 MARC0783 MARC0801 MARC0819 MARC0839 MARC0855 MARC0873 MARC0951

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