Welcome to a Tropical Italian Getaway: Dolce & Gabbana reveals their Summer 2017 AD Campaign

Dolce & Gabbana recently unveiled their campaign for their 2017  “Tropico Italiano” summer collection, which showcases rich, warm florals that are bound to turn heads and melt gelato.

Italian photographer Nima Benati photographed models Beatrice Brusco, Giulia Manini, and Babette Strijbos throughout the town of Sorrento on the southwest coast of Italy for the campaign centered around a vacation or, “holiday” theme.

While in the past Dolce & Gabbana has used wider shots with a multitude of models, this particular campaign sticks to tighter shots with less models, which allows the eye to focus more on the clothes themselves. This is especially effective since much of the new line is pattern heavy, which might’ve overwhelmed viewers if the campaign opted for their usual zoomed out shots.

Although their photo structure has changed a bit with this campaign, Dolce & Gabbana sticks to their classic depiction of Italian scenes as backdrop for the Tropico Italiano shoot. Models wearing the vibrant new collection can be seen posing candidly at the marketplace, in front of frescas, and against boats on the Italian coast. The images feel more sophisticated and cinematic without the clutter and we applaud the change.

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