LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM: For MAN it seemed we are through a new vibe in London menswear, far from the digital prints, fabrics and feeling that the city has been known for in years.

The MAN show us the returning faces and art of Liam Hodges and Nicomede Talavera as well as newcomer fashion designer Rory Parnell-Mooney. Each of the designers reference their roots and personal style in their collection.

KIM_0083 KIM_0094 KIM_0108 KIM_0119 KIM_0132 KIM_0147 KIM_0159 KIM_0172 KIM_0182 KIM_0196 KIM_0207 KIM_0221 KIM_0240 KIM_0254 KIM_0266 KIM_0282 KIM_0293 KIM_0313 KIM_0327 KIM_0342 KIM_0347 KIM_0370 KIM_0386 KIM_0395 KIM_0407 KIM_0417 KIM_0435 KIM_0448 KIM_0463 KIM_0481 KIM_0490 KIM_0507 KIM_0518 KIM_0535 KIM_0546 KIM_0562 KIM_0574 KIM_0590 KIM_0600 KIM_0613 KIM_0624 KIM_0643 KIM_0655 KIM_0668 KIM_0682 KIM_0695 KIM_0712 KIM_0722 KIM_0736 KIM_0748 KIM_0762 KIM_0774 KIM_0785 KIM_0797 KIM_0809 KIM_0823 KIM_0836 KIM_0848 KIM_0861 KIM_0870 KIM_0895

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