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For Fendi’s fall 2017 ad campaign, Karl Lagerfeld got behind the lens to capture Kendall & Gigi for a glamorous shoot, and we’ve got the pics to prove it.

We should have known that Karl Lagerfeld would ask Gigi Hadid back as the face of Fendi after she appeared in last season‘s advertising campaign with sister Bella Hadid and fellow model Vittoria Ceretti. After the first Fall 2017 campaign image surfaced, we assumed Gigi would be fronting the campaign solo for the coming season, but the latest ad to be revealed shows Gigi modeling alongside BFF Kendall Jenner. Shot by Karl himself, the duo is captured amongst a stark white studio setting for the Italian fashion house’s rather uneventful campaign.


Closing public streets for a photo shoot? Dolce & Gabbana wouldn’t dare.

Instead D&G models run rampant through the sidewalks and markets of the Italian town Palermo for the new Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2017 campaign. Civilians don’t shy away either, often being included in the shots linking arms and posing alongside high profile models like internet star Cameron Dallas and Princess Olympia of Greece. The busy and outgoing shoot is right on point with Dolce & Gabanna’s classic message of familia shown through authentic Italian scenes. However, this time the Milan-based fashion house seems to be more inclusive in their model selection with different sizes and skin colors represented in the shoot, and The Impression applauds the progressive move forward.