If you have visited Paris and want to explorer a natural turquoise place, Verdon is the right point for you.  All we can say is OH LA LA, I mean, WOW….This French paradise is heaven.

The beautiful Verdon Gorge is a river canyon in the southeastern section of France. The gorge is home to the Verdon River, known for its starling turquoise waters.

The Verdon is rightly considered as the most beautiful canyon of Europe. Walked over by hikers from all over the world, the Verdon has become a natural site protected since 1990. It enjoys the label “Grand Site de France”. What else could it be for such a jewel?

The Verdon is also a region of villages like Valensole, Riez, the perched Aiguines, the picturesque Bauduen, Castellane and its Rock, Moustiers Sainte Marie…

And don’t think of it as an empty mountain with only a river to enjoy, the region is full of hotels, B&B and Villages to stay during your vacations.  It has something for everyone, from photographers to hiking and water sports. But if you are a more adventurous person just get your camping equipment and go for it.

Personally I am more of a frog when I see water and don’t go out, only for eat and sleep. JE AIME L’EAU!

We can’t wait for summer to get there…VERDON IS MY SUMMER CRUSH

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Article by: Andy Abner Rivera [Facebook Instagram Twitter Tumblr]

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